Juan Marambio



He is a psychologist. MSc in Practice of Social Development and Diploma in Sustainable Tourism Management (UNC - Peru, 2011). Sustainability Manager at Explora hotels (www.explora.com). In 2010 he founded Travolution.org and Travolution.travel together with Sebastián Gatica. Since its inception, he has served as Executive Director in both.

He has participated as a consultant in tourism development projects with rural and indigenous communities in Chile and Argentina. As of 2011, it coordinates the organization of the National Community Tourism Meetings in Chile (www.turismocomunitario.cl), Latin America (www.eltc.co) and Central America (www.ecatc.gt).

He has led advisory projects for the Undersecretariat of Tourism in Chile and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the province of Salta in Argentina. For Travolution.travel, it has led the development of a responsible tour operator (Certified B Company and Sernatur Seal S), with commercial networks in France, England, Italy, the United States and Spain, among others, with the aim of promoting the commercialization of community tourism services.

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