María José Moncada Valladares


Undersecretary of Tourism

Since his appointment in 2018, he supports and coordinates the execution of the policy guidelines and strategic planning of the country's tourism sector, actively participating in the execution of the regional and international programs of the Secretariat and the priority projects for the promotion and development of tourist activity.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Georgia Southern University in the United States, obtaining degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Business Administration, and Public Relations.

Her experience in the government begins in 2010, adding 10 years of performance in different government areas including the tourism sector and appointed to senior management positions. He has directed projects such as the Ecological Blue Flag (BAHE), incorporation of Honduras to the Regional Group of the Americas (GARA), among others.

Her dedication and love for her country lead her to continue making efforts to improve Tourism in Honduras, generate opportunities and provide unforgettable experiences to national and international tourists.

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