Otto von Bertrab


Director of Río Secreto

In 2006, Otto von Bertrab was a participant in the discovery of Río Secreto, a natural reserve in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo where he has led efforts to conserve the place.

Under his leadership, Río Secreto has become a sustainable business model. He has published four science fiction and fantasy books. He was Director of Contents and founder of the Cumbre Tajín 2000. In that same year, he ultimately arrived in Quintana Roo, where he participated in the founding of an ecotourism company, in which he served as Director of Expeditions and made the design of various ecotourism products in the region. Thanks to its lines of research, such as Wildlife Monitoring, Paleoclimatology among others, this natural reserve has been considered for several international awards and recognitions.

Likewise, it served as a filming site for NatGeo during their series "Mysteries of the Underworld." Throughout his career, Otto has received various awards such as: “Outstanding Mexican” (Awarded by Expansión magazine); "World Travel Awards", in different categories related to sustainable development and in 2017, received the award for Entrepreneur of the Year, in the Acceleration category.

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